What Tweed To Wear

What Tweed to Wear

Meta description: Tweed works with all personal styles.Knowing what tweed to wear should match the occasions.


The Traditional tweed fabric comes from coarse homespun wool. It is a flecked woolen fabric with a rough, soft open, and flexible finish. Besides the texture, lovers of tweed can quickly identify this fabric by just looking at it.

Silk tweed is a lightweight fabric that is often used in the making of jackets and sweaters for warm weather. However, silk tweed has less application in menswear. The modern tweed is a blend of different fabric material to achieve a specific personal style.

Twill weaving is a technique that has made it possible for the mills to achieve the attractive checked, vertical, horizontal, striped or diagonal designs visible in most tweed clothing. A variation of the twill weaving styles yields vibrant and resident traditional patterns such as the Herringbone, Barleycorn, Chevrons, and Checks.

What about color variation? Color variation in tweed textiles come from dyed wool fleece. Initially, the color on the tweed was specific to the Scottish and Irish countryside and as a form of camouflage. However, the growing trend in Tweed fashion has increased the use of brighter colors. The most popular colors you will find on tweed are the greys, greens, and light or dark browns.

Tweed emerged as a solution to the chilly, damp climate of the Tweed Valley. Regardless of where you live, there is always a cold period or winter during the year. Do you have to look silly in your puffer jacket, wool hat, and layers of the scarf around your neck? I don’t think so! Then it is time to replace the layers clothing with tweed. 

Tweed is a one-garment piece selection and is available in the form of suits, overcoats, or jackets depending on what you prefer to keep warm. Besides warmth, most men go for the tweed fabric because it is durable, breathable, and moisture-resistant — definitely, the best way to maintain your respect and personal style at the same time. 



You don’t need to be a Scottish and Irish hunter, cyclists or elite to wear a tweed suit, waistcoat, jacket, hat or winter clothing. You have to know what tweed to wear, then you are good to go. Before the English gentry adopted tweed as a vintage clothing, it was an ideal attire for outdoor sporting such as tweed runs (bike races), Golfing, hunting, fly-fishing, and so on.

It is possible to get confused when identifying tweed because they get their name from:

• The family or clan (tartan Tweed)

• The location(Harris Tweed, Donegal Tweed, Saxony tweed)

• Estate (Highland estate tweed,Estate tweed,Gun club)

• Weave style (plain tweed or twill tweed)

• Shade or pattern (Herringbone,Window Pane, Barleycorn, flecked tweed,Thornproof)

• Material (wool tweed, silk tweed)

• Type of sheep (cheviot tweed, Shetland tweed) 

• Functionality (gamekeeper tweed) 


The influence of tweed is broad, and this makes it popular among fictional and movie characters such as the detective Sherlock Holmes, Sean Connery, and Harrison Ford. In particular, the windowpane tweed suits are worn by actors when they want to portraying members of the English gentry not forgetting Aged college professors.

Gamekeepers and hunters used to choose colors tones for camouflage; they used to match the local landscape and vegetation. With this idea in mind, you can easily match your surrounding by selecting a pattern that blends well with your environment. Nowadays you see tweed with vintage lovers when they go on a golf course or races such as the tweed run.

The Tweed Prince of Wales check is popular in making overcoats and sports coats. Men who love to wear suits and outerwear find the herringbone pattern irresistible on the tweed fabric. If you wish to add some vintage to your clothing, then tweed is the best option among others such as Cheviot




The most popular tweeds are the ones with herringbones, window panes, and houndstooth patterns. Herringbone is a popular choice for sporting events. If you are looking for something vintage for a wedding, you should try tweed. Do not worry about the patterns; they can work for both formal and casual look.

What determines a casual, smart, or formal tweed is the color and texture. Tweed is perhaps one of the most beautiful and colorful fabric. The colors of tweeds are inspired by natural and earthy tones to give it the required vintage design.

When selecting what tweed to wear, you will find a wide variety of designs, either plain, checked, or patterned twill. The patterns and appearance of any tweed outfit depend on the weaving style, Plain weave (primary) or Twill.

Do not limit yourself to traditional shades and patterns. Be free to mix it up to get the image and idea you have in mind. The trick is knowing how to match the colors and patterns to achieve the smart or vintage look you desire.