Tweed suits and why they are important in your collection

One thing for sure, tweed suits will always demand a presence in your wardrobe. Why?

Think about it, when one is building his style, whether they like it or not, they are building their collection. You need to be careful and selective with what you add; you can’t simply have it all. Every time you purchase something, you need to think, “Does this garment deserve a space or presence in my wardrobe?

Now, let’s take a step back and establish the importance of having a decent collection and especially men’s tweed. Why is it essential to have a selective collection of clothing? Clothing is not just about putting on the material on your body. In the world we live in, what we wear speaks a lot about who we are as a person.


The females had this worked out a long time ago; the outfits they carefully choose each day is labeled the “power suit.” Consciously or subconsciously, they are not simply randomly throwing on whatever is clean like most male these days.

So, we need to play catch up and understand the importance of dressing up, hence why we need to know the importance of having a well-selected collection of garments, which leads us onto tweed. Firstly, what is tweed? Tweed is a material which is predominantly wool, the percentage can vary upon style and weight, but the average tweed in a tweed 3-piece suits is around 60%.


Why Tweed?

Tweed is traditional, classic, and timeless - everything you expect from a garment that hangs in your collection. Tweed has been around for centuries; traditionally, tweed material is something warm in the cold winter. Regardless of where you are in the world, everyone experiences a winter season. Therefore, to keep warm, but at the same time maintain respect and be presentable, you need tweed suits. Easier said than done, right? We can end up layering up, shirt after shirt, jumper after jumper, and scarf over scarf - just to keep warm. We have all seen that episode from friends, joey wearing all of chandeliers clothes. Not a good look, right? The answer is Tweed. Tweed suits are designed to be a one-garment piece selection, i.e., you wear the tweed suit and nothing else underneath or over the tweed suit. Wouldn’t that be great? A cold, bitter day, everyone is layered which scarfs, large buffer jackets, and wool hats, all looking silly and there you, slick smart and warm.


Thank you, Mighty Tweed Suit
You can style it up with a knitted tie, matching pocket square, color matching socks, the full works. The assessor variation is endless, now that we’re not covering our lovely tweed suit, we might as well dress it up for everyone to see.

Nice knitted tie with a matching tweed pocket square, here we’re not picking a tweed pocket square because it adds extra warmth, we add the tweed pocket square to match the texture of the tweed suit. Now that’s just taking a look to another look. And why not?

Also, don’t forget when we say tweed suit because we can’t forget the importance of clothing being tweed 3-piece suits, we definitely need the waistcoat to add that layer of warmth. The waistcoat is stylish and practical; it’s a no brainer. I know what you’re thinking; the waistcoat is an extra layer. No. Even if the waistcoat does nothing for warmth, think of it as an accessory, it adds class to the look, don’t underestimate the waistcoat, it does wonders for the look.

You can mix it up, don’t limit yourself to the same matching tweed waistcoat to the tweed suit that it came with, and mix it up, brown tweed jacket and trousers with a black tweed waistcoat. Now we’re talking, right? All this, in the bitterly cold winter, when everyone is wearing duffer jackets.

Therefore, I think you get the picture. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you now understand why tweeds suit has the right to demand a presence in your carefully thought out collection.

The collection you have spent several sleepless nights dwelling on, endless hours flicking through GQ magazines looking for perfect tweed suits; countless weekends drag your other half into shops… Yes, men do this and so they should, woman have been doing it to us for years, it’s only fair they feel our pain