How To Dress Like Thomas Shelby



If you have not heard of the Peaky Blinders series yet, then you have a great goal for this day. For many men, this series is a reason to stay at home. Not only are alcohol, drugs and sex the topics that make the series so much fun, the fantastic outfits of the protagonist is enough to watch. Would you like to join in as Thomas Shelby? In this blog, we will tell you how you can do this.

Played by Cillian Murphy, Thomas Shelby is - in our eyes - the most brutal character in the hit series. This stylish man is not only known for his Peaky Blinders haircut, but also, his clothing attracts attention. The Thomas Shelby outfit is one with which you will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression.


  • Flat Hat

The leading item; the News boy's flat hat will make you a Peaky Blinder. Originally from the fourteenth century, this accessory adorns the heads of workers in the Irish and British countryside. It is traditionally made of wool or tweed. It must be said that it offered several technical advantages: it protected the eyes from the sun and preserved the skull against the cold.


This timeless accessory is still easy to wear. These days you may not see it that often anymore but it is an ideal accessory as a stylish counterpart to a cap or hat.

To create the Peaky Blinders look, the flat hat is a must have. The Thomas Shelby outfit is finished with a flat hat and where the Shelby's had fitted their caps with a razor blade, go for 100% wool herringbone quality. Suitable for a walk through the city, but also for a more formal evening out. An all-time classic.


  • Pocket watch

In a period in which time is only read on a smartphone, the watch is only a style item that is distinguished by its method and appearance. And that is why the pocket watch is the accessory to this look. In combination with a waistcoat and jacket that is worn open, the necklace is an eye-catcher that completes your look.


  • 3- piece Suit

The typical suit for Thomas Shelby is the 1920s three-piece suit which is part of his everyday wardrobe. Always dark in colour and often in tweed (obligatory period), worn with a white round-neck shirt underneath, the suit of the businessman reflects the expression "simple and effective".



To create the perfect Peaky Blinders look, go for a 3-part herringbone or Donegal tweed costume. These are heavier and coarser materials than the costumes that we often know. Costumes of this quality regularly hang at vintage stores. Look for a real vintage costume and have it customized. A grey estate herringbone or brown estate herringbone tweed 3 piece suit combined with a large coat will make you a real Peaky Blinder.

To be perfectly comfortable, prefer a tailored suit with fine wool, not neglecting the vest, which brings a finishing touch to an outfit, camouflaging all the small imperfections of your bust. For its part, the round neck shirt will soften your look and gain in elegance.


  • Waistcoat

The Thomas Shelby waistcoat is an essential part of the costume. The jacket of the suit may be worn open so that the waistcoat including a pocket watch is visible. The waistcoat either matches with the rest of the costume or has a contrasting colour.




  • Coat

The garment that immediately stands out and finishes the Peaky Blinders look completely is the overcoat. This long jacket is the most important part and can therefore be seen. Adjust your outfit to the jacket and not the other way around. The jacket must be both protective and stylish.


A roughened woollen coat gives your outfit a classic look. Go for a grey estate herringbone or brown estate herringbone. If you want a more modest look, grab a jacket with a small lapel. For a striking look, grab a high-rise lapel or a double breasted model.

Finally, you can complete the look with a number of accessories.  In many cases, the best man himself also adds a dark tie including tie pin. It's all in the details. So if you want to rock this brutal outfit, finish it off as a real Peaky Blinder.


The Peaky Blinders look by Thomas Shelby has been carefully put together with an eye for colour, detail and use of materials. For this stylish outfit you rock a three-part grey tweed suit. So here, you go not only for trousers and a jacket, but also for a matching waistcoat. Wear this in combination with a white basic shirt and a dark grey overcoat to face the outdoors in style.