Women In Tweed Suits


Throughout the years suits were exclusively worn by men. This is not the case anymore with more and more women opting to wear suits, including tweed suits! 

Women wearing suits have become the latest style trend, not just in the showbiz industry but also in the business world. Defying the odds, the women take the central stage by wearing tweed suits as formal attire. 

Not just businesswomen, but female celebrities who have also leaped by diversifying their fashion statement with a tweed suit. As a result, many leading faces are seen in female suits on the red carpet, giving a stronger perception of feminism.


Reviving The History of The Suit

Historically, the tweed suit was designed for men. In the 19th century, tweed attire was started in the rural areas of Scotland. In a quick turn of events, this formal attire garnered the attention of the elite nobles of English society.

Ever since its inception, the suit was regarded as a masculine attire. However, the women also started donning this outfit in a customised manner. Taking the accounts of the 20th century, the female tweed suit had a blazer, but women had to wear a skirt instead of trousers. That was a feminine-customised version of a tweed suit.

However, things started drifting in favour of women as the gender gap subject came to light. This change of female attire is not only limited to the wedding and races. Rather, it has found its due importance even in the fashion industry.


Power Suit - A Formal Attire

A Tweed suit is considered a power suit since it overshadows the other dressing styles. The relevance of this power suit is not limited to a single event. Rather, its diverse design spectrum makes it a viable clothing option for a wide range of events, formal and informal. Men and women adapt it as a benchmark for formal attire.


Business Attire

Men or women, everyone wants to look professional in the workplace. Previously, women were more inclined towards a suit with a skirt, or not wear a suit at all. However, the trend has changed significantly, and women are becoming more confident by adapting business attire with a tweed suit. This attire brings out a holistic professional look.


Tweed For Weddings

Whether you are getting ready for a friend's wedding or it’s your big day, a dress may not be your choice of clothing, so a tweed suit would be perfect for the event! There is a wide spectrum of colour palettes to customise your formal outfit. You can mark the special occasion with our Navy  or blue tweed suit 


Contouring The Style for The Races

As we all know, horse races have special dress codes, which the event planners use to award the most stylish person at the end of the event. Men strictly adhere to the formal attire of 3 piece suits. Women’s dress code is usually dresses, but women can also wear a tweed suit.

Abitto is changing the fashion trends by weaving a 3-piece tweed suit for women. This suit for women is relevant for various events.


Why Choose Abitto?

Abitto is a leading tweed weaver in the United Kingdom. We have diverse experience in designing and curating these remarkable assemblies of threads. We are also selling female tweed suits with customisable variations. In addition, we provide tailoring without increasing costs. We also recognise quality as the core parameter of our tweeds. Therefore, we provide high-quality tweeds.