The Ultimate Guide to the Qatar Goodwood Festival

All About The Qatar Goodwood Festival

The Qatar Goodwood Festival is one of the unquestionable centrepieces of the British Flat Racing season. The five-day, internationally renowned event, often referred to as "Glorious Goodwood," offers captivating sports and a unique social setting. Some of the biggest stars in horse racing are crowned during this wonderful week, and you can enjoy an unmatched flair, thrilling racing, and hospitality.

It’s a 5-day horse racing event, and the entertainment includes free food and complimentary drinks. There is also a ladies’ day and best-dressed competition. So, fans and enthusiasts can enjoy marvellous races while looking their best to win the competition. People often wear a Tweed suit to enjoy the races and the cool breeze livening up the atmosphere.


What Should You Wear to Qatar Goodwood Festival?

During the races, it's crucial to look your best. Since there is a best-dressed competition, you should do your hardest to appear your best. The audiences frequently choose Tweed as their fabric of preference. You can choose one of our lighter hues like Blinder blue Tweed suit or Ascot light brown Tweed suit to combat the heat.

If you like the navy or Blinder Green Tweed suit, you might choose the 2-piece Tweed suit option. The Goodwood Festival has a mandatory dress code that includes a jacket and ties. Additionally, shorts and sandals are not permitted throughout the event. 

You might stick to the dress code by wearing a two-piece Tweed suit, shoes, and a tie, such as our Navy Tweed suit.

Even for ladies day we at Abitto, have female tweed suits so ladies can wear our suits too!

Why Should You Choose Abitto?

We sell ties, jackets, trousers, and shoes to ensure your dress is consistent with the dress code at the Goodwood Festival. Moreover, we offer super-fast delivery options, such as next-day delivery. So, even if you’re behind on your shopping adventures, you can still count on Abitto. 

We’re proud to serve as the top go-to option for the best race attire. Abitto understands the core elements of every event, horse racing, brunch, or a traditional charity event, and how to help you rock a Tweed suit.

Our 2-piece Tweed suit options help you maintain the classic look while still enjoying a cold sensation from the fabric that doesn't suffocate you, even during the hottest months. So, when you choose Abitto, you choose class, comfort, and eye-catching attire for your events.