Why a Tweed Suit ?

Why a Tweed Suit ?

Tweed offers something for everyone, the perfect suit for the office, but equally at home in casual settings too. But tweed suits are not just great for any setting, they can give you so many different looks too.


male wearing a hazel derby tweed 3 piece suit

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While the traditional all black tweed suit is great for work or a formal event, tweed suits don’t have to be a single color. You can mix and match to give a different style, with darker trousers and a lighter jacket perfect for evening wear. But it doesn’t stop there, wear with or without a tie, your choice of shoes, all these can help you create so many different looks.


A blue tweed suit is just the starting point, and it’s the same with a brown tweed suit, mixing the two can give a different look, add in a colored shirt, tie, casual or smart shoes and the options are endless. Whether you choose different shades of the same color or go for contrast, tweed will always look great.



Of course, no matter how you choose to wear your tweed suits, you always get the same quality and great fit that you love.