Movember, Tweed and Covid

Movember, Tweed and Covid

So a little about the history of this month; The Movember Foundation began back in 2003 as an international campaign and has since raised over $559 million. The foundation is aimed at encouraging men to grow facial hair in November to trigger discussions about men's health.

Movember had an initial focus on prostate cancer which affected one in every nine men. However, about a decade ago, the organization sought to expand its reach to mental health and testicular cancer. There has been a greater emphasis on mental health issues among men especially as it affects Covid-19 and the isolation it has brought to many.

This feeling of isolation has been further amplified by the Covid pandemic with the bond shared by many men separated as a result of social distancing and lockdown orders. Beards have always had a way of perfectly blending with tweed as they give you a classic look. In this article, we will X-ray the relationship between Covid and beards while exploring how best you can be a part of the Movember movement even in this pandemic situation.

The Beard effect on Covid

As the world grapples with the effects of Covid and the attendant lockdowns, there has been stronger advocacy for wearing face clothing and social distancing. Wearing face clothing has seen more people with beards asking questions on the internet about the connection between covid and beards. This belief may have been triggered by reports that hospitals in the United Kingdom required that doctors had to shave.

So do facial hair affect Covid transmission? The answer is no! The core reason why people are asked to put on facial clothing is to prevent others from contracting it as the masks ensure that droplets do not leave your mouth. However, you shouldn't touch your beard or face and if you feel you can't control the urge to touch your beards, you may cut it. 

While droplets of coronavirus may remain on your hair, there is no real proof that it will still be active on your hair long enough to lead to an infection. This same theory applies to beards and mustaches.

Unique benefits of keeping beards

During the lockdown period, most men have found it difficult to access their barbers due to restrictions in movement and social distancing issues. This has created a situation where more men have started keeping facial hair. While this may seem inconvenient for many, there seem to be many benefits they are not aware of as it affects keeping facial hair.

  • Warmth in Winter

Beards have been proven to provide extra warmth to the skin and this is especially so with the facial temperature. However, it should be noted that it does not affect the overall temperature of your body.

  • Tweaks the Tweed

Have you ever seen pictures of men wearing waistcoats with a little bit of moustache and single-lens glass to match? They certainly do look vintage and cute!

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Beards and moustaches have a way of tweaking your looks and giving you an unusual visual appeal.

  • It may prevent diseases

The hairs found on our nostrils got grimarily designed to help ward off airborne bacteria from our lungs. Having added hair such as a beard to help filter the air we breathe in improves the protective nature of our beards.

  • The asthma effect

Few things trigger an adverse effect from Covid like asthma. And for people suffering from asthma, things such as smoke, dust, and the likes can make breathing pretty difficult. Some experts believe that beards serve as an ideal filter for the lungs and ensures that these triggers do not gain access to the respiratory system and as such prevent asthma from escalating.

Note that in this regard, some facial hairstyles may be more effective than others. Having a bushier and bigger beard will mean a better filter. A smaller facial hair on the other hand could be less effective in this regard.

Which Movember Facial hair to choose

With the world grappling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a better time to do something for humanity. Who would have thought that growing facial hair would be a way to help out? However, the choice between a mustache and a beard is one that may prove difficult for some. Ideally, growing both a beard and a mustache would be perfect. But your choice at the end of the day should be subject to which one you are more comfortable with.

At this time of the year, growing facial hair with your tweed can be a perfect fashion blend. What’s more Tweeds aren’t just cool for winter alone as you can wear them with your classy beards all year round.

Tweed for your beards

The ideal Tweed wear should be one that properly blends with your facial hair and expression. You can sport it in your sports jacket, overcoats, tweed trousers, Waistcoats, and caps thus ensuring there is a touch of tweed and facial hair all year round. With the end to the Covid crisis not yet in sight, it may be a symbol of joy and hope to all men out there.