Is AI really needed for a made-to-measure look?

Introducing Mobile Tailor 2.0: 3DLook's Innovative Solution for Precise Digital Body Measurements

3DLook, a trailblazer in AI-powered body scanning and virtual try-on solutions, proudly presents Mobile Tailor 2.0—a game-changing SaaS offering set to reshape personalised user experiences through state-of-the-art digital body measurements.

What distinguishes this solution is its effortless integration, sidestepping the complexities of traditional setups and app downloads. Through a seamlessly customised admin panel, enterprises and brands can effortlessly incorporate Mobile Tailor 2.0 as interactive widgets on their websites or seamlessly distribute measurement links directly to their valued customers. This streamlined procedure adeptly captures front and profile images, promptly generating highly accurate body measurements and intricate 3D models.

Mobile Tailor 2.0 stands poised to revolutionise the landscape of digital made-to-measure domains by deftly curtailing expenses linked with costly remakes and time-consuming alterations. The company asserts that it holds the potential to elevate customer loyalty by an impressive 67 percent, simultaneously streamlining the manual measurement processes. Furthermore, conventional fashion e-commerce ventures could anticipate a remarkable 6 percent dip in product returns, catalysing operational efficiencies.

Beyond its transformative capacities, the platform seamlessly enhances clienteling apps, empowering brands to effortlessly weave real-time body data into comprehensive customer profiles, thereby fostering profound engagement and enriched interactions.

Driven by exclusive proprietary body models and fortified computer vision pipelines, the software underwent further refinements in its measurement algorithms in 2022, cementing its position as the unrivalled industry leader. With the unveiling of Mobile Tailor 2.0, 3DLook continues to propel the boundaries of AI-fueled solutions, championing personalised digital experiences and redefining industry standards.