Why Choose A Linen Suit?


Linen is the fabric of the summer owing to its various properties and is one of the strongest fibres in the world. Tweed seems to be extremely popular for the winter and autumn seasons. Tweed can be worn during the summer months and can be worn as just a waistcoat and trousers, however, being able to comfortably wear a 3-piece suit in the summer is a must for many. 

Linen is the best alternative to thicker material tweeds. Linen is a lightweight material that offers a cooling effect as it absorbs moisture. Due to the seasonal adaptability, our linen suit is a great choice for different types of events.


What Are the Benefits of Linen?

A linen suit is a perfectly tailored outfit for the summer or spring. This fabric material is extracted from flax plant fibres providing high strength and enhanced durability. Below are some of the key benefits of 2-piece and 3-piece linen suits:

  • Breathability is one of the top advantages of this fabric, which makes it the perfect choice for the summer season and humid weather conditions.
  • Linen is a lightweight material making it a great choice of clothing in humid weather.  However, the lightweight does not mean it is prone to wear and tear, it is one of the strongest fibres.
  • It is the most viable option for a formal outfit in hot weather like destination weddings. 
  • This fabric has various colours to meet the style statement requirements.
  • Linen is a good quality fabric and is eco-friendly since it is extracted from the natural fibres of flax plants.
  • It's breathable and lightweight. 
  • Creased linen is a typical look with these suits and shouldn’t discourage you from getting a linen suit 
  • The tweed of this fabric absorbs moisture, it will keep you cool and comfortable even in a humid climate.


When To Wear Linen?

A linen suit is a go-to option in the blistering heat. It is a masterpiece tailored to the humid and summer weather conditions. A 2-piece or 3-piece is suitable for various events.


For Weddings

Linen is a viable option to mark a wedding occasion. It is the best fabric clothing for destination weddings such as along the beach. It will provide a stark and sharp look along with a higher degree of comfortability under the scorching sun.

You can outshine others in wedding events by choosing a linen suit of a wide range of colours and matching it with a floral tie, pocket square, and lapel pin.


For Races

Racing events attract participants throughout the year. The need for formal wear such as a 3-piece suit means that a summer option needs to be available. Our linen suits would be a great choice for the races, with their breathability and bright summer colours. 


For Work

This fabric is also a formal attire for business meetings and the work environment. A 3-piece linen suit will give you the formal look you want with 


Why Choose Abitto?

We at Abitto now offer linen suits to cover the style and dressing attire in the summer. Our manufacturing team has carefully considered the comfortability and breathability factors for this piece of tailored fabric.

Moreover, our linen suit is perfect for events such as weddings in the summer and abroad, races, and business meetings. The huge selection of colours means these suits are great for any event!