Autumn Weddings & Tweed Suits


The autumn wedding season is here! That means you should consider your autumnal attire for your upcoming activities. Whether you're a groom,  groomsman, or wedding guestautumn suit options are endlessly beautiful and come in various colours, subtle hues, and perfectly made styles. If you are the groom or groomsmen you need the best suits for the big day!

The seasons and the wedding locations have a decisive role in the selection of tweed styles and colour patterns.


An Autumn Wedding Attire

Tweed is the fabric of choice for gentlemen, from a magnificent suit at an autumn wedding.

Tweed is one most flexible fabrics. So it's fascinating to see how Tweed suits have become a popular choice for men to wear to formal occasions, particularly autumn weddings, where the unusual look may set you apart from the crowd.

Concerning wedding attire, several aspects may make or break an ensemble. Your wedding suit should reflect the significance of the occasion and the time of year.

As the temperature cools and the trees turn gorgeous orange, red, and brown hues, there's no better time to embrace a warmer, more bright colour palette to complement the romantic tones of the season and provide stronger contrast against the darker sky.

The seasons and location of your wedding will influence how you decorate it, from the colour scheme, decorations, to the clothing. It may get cold at an outdoor wedding, especially in the evening, but also at the colder weather.


Selection Of Colours

Heavy tweeds and long-lasting wools are essentials for the ideal autumn wedding guest ensemble. However, to create the ultimate autumn wedding, go with a more rustic country vibe, using tough fabrics, green and brown suits.

It's autumn, which means oranges, browns, pumpkins and a cosy atmosphere. The colder weather necessitates warmer clothing, and our thick tweed is ideal.

Colour is the most important element that will signify your Tweed’s style statement. When choosing a colour for your suit, ditch the light pastels of summer in favour of deep, earthy tones. Suits in brown and deep green are always the ideal complement to any autumn wedding colour choice.

If you opt to take wedding photographs outside, dress warmly. The colours we suggested go well with autumn hues. In line with the colder season, our tweed suits have a very rustic look. Colours would be pretty essential. We are using colours to create a cosy atmosphere.

Our suggestions for looks are as follows:


Our colours complement the autumn colours well, and the thickness of our excellent tweed is ideal for the temperature of autumn weddings.

Browns and greens, commonly known as "earth tones," are now excellent alternatives for your outdoor autumn weddings. In addition, the colours blend perfectly into weddings and formal gatherings, where the browns and greens exemplify the spirit of the sound, rustic, and authentic life.


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