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Brown Monk Strap Shoe

£120.00 GBP

Brown Monk Strap Shoe, made with 100% genuine leather.


  • Classic men’s brogues
  • Superior leather sole
  • Quality stitching
  • Cushioned interior for comfort
  • Versatile, comfortable and hardwearing
  • Breathable insole technology.


The term brogue also refers to an Irish accent and is generally used to describe certain other regional accents from the United Kingdom, namely from Scotland and the English West Country. However, this is clearly not what we are talking about but interestingly this term is supposed to have its origins from the perception that the Irish spoke as if they had ‘a shoe in their mouths’. The Irish word brog means ‘a rough or stout shoe’. Apparently, brog or brogue was also used to denote shoes.

Delivery Times ( 2-3 Working days )

UK: We off Next Day Delivery (order before 13:00) , 2-3 Working days and 7 Working Days (Free).
US: 5-6 Working Days
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Return Policy

We offer 14 days from the point of receiving the suit for all exchanges and a full refund upon return.

We treat each item separately, For Example if the waistcoat is too small, you would only need to send the waistcoat back for an exchange and not the full suit.