Tweed and Weddings

Tweed and Weddings.

The association between Tweed and countryside lifestyle still exists. New technology, and durable quality of material, not forgetting the patterns, makes Tweed assume new roles in the fashion industry. The modern country and old-school themes create a considerable demand for this Scottish fabric material. Tweed serves two purposes, to keep you warm and good looking in any occasion.

Most couples consider a vintage marriage theme for the romantic aspect of it.  You evoke nostalgia when you bring back a different era and style. The vibe and energy reflect the time when antiques were the in thing. 

In a Vintage theme wedding, every aspect of it changes. You can’t miss seeing a vintage car or rustic centerpieces, or décor in use to match the theme. Something to watch out for is the groom or guest outfits.


Are you still looking for something to wear in the cottage, outdoor, castle, vintage, retro theme weddings? If you are still not decided, then you should know that there is something special about Tweed and weddings.

Tweed has a significant role in contemporary weddings.  A Blue estate herringbone or Barleycorn tweed 3-piece suit can easily make a perfect substitute for a Tuxedo which has for now become too much of a cliché.

The 20s to 80s Tweed now has a new meaning. The modern Tweed material is soft and well refined, making it an ideal option for an outdoor wedding. The weight specification of the jacket of suit fabric for such occasions is usually gsm 280.

The type of Tweed material will affect the look and feel of your tweed clothing, softness and weight. It has become a fashion for winter grooms. Wearing Tweed 3-piece suits in Vintage or retro theme weddings is not new, you look fresh and warm at the same time. Therefore, Tweed quality, style, colors, pattern and material is what you should go for when looking for clothing ideas to stand out.

Blue estate herringbone Tweed


Blue estate herringbone Tweed 3-piece suits are suitable for weddings. It is irresistible a head-turner. The suit is blue and features a high-quality Tweed wool material with a Herringbone pattern on it.

The modern-day slim fit designs are available for all body shapes and sizes (Big, small, tall or skinny). You will stand out in your matching tweed jacket, vest and pant. The outfit is complete with a red or maroon tie and a white shirt.

This classic British tweed comes with some personal luxury making you stand out in your castle wedding as the groom. A Blue estate herringbone 3-piece suit is a must-have for a modern gentleman looking for some vintage idea for a cottage theme wedding.

Traditional tweeds take inspiration from the colors of the Scottish countryside, so you are likely to see browns, greys, greens and purples. The Blue estate herringbone tweed blends with any environment and makes you stand out in the simplest possible way. That original 20s look is possible with this type of tweed.

Besides adding a touch of class in your wardrobe, the Blue estate herringbone Tweed is a perfect choice for a cottage theme wedding.



Barleycorn Tweed

If you are looking for the perfect jacket for a retro wedding, then you better try the Barleycorn weed. From a distance, the weave on the tweed merges the various colors giving it a single shade. Brown and grey colors match well with a vintage theme, simple but not so bright. However, there is a wide range of colors in modern Tweed designs that are beautiful and bright.

This Tweed fabric is perfect as a Jacket on jeans, chinos or pair of jeans or cotton trousers for that modern vintage casual look. You can also achieve a formal look with a complete 3-piece suit, which you need to match with a red tie to give it a perfect look. If you wish to have the effect of barley kernels on your outerwear, the Barleycorn tweed is what you need for that outdoor wedding.

The main idea behind the traditional Tweed fabric material was to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of Scotland. In your case, you need to achieve that sharp and timeless look in a Vintage theme or retro wedding. The Blue estate herringbone and Barleycorn tweeds make perfect suits for that cottage theme outdoor wedding.

Arriving in a retro theme wedding in a vintage car is not enough. Complete your impression and outlook with a Blue estate herringbone or Barleycorn Tweed, gsm 280, 3-piece suit.

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