How To Style A Tweed Waistcoat

How To Style A Tweed Waistcoat

If I had to select the most under-appreciated menswear piece, it would be the waistcoat. It's essential for finishing off the appearance of an elegant three-piece suit. Still, it's also a foundation for a more innovative, less formal style - as well as a contemporary accent for a casual outfit. 

A Tweed Waistcoat may be a delightful accent to your ensemble if you know how to wear it correctly. A tweed waistcoat is also far more versatile than you may believe. Tweed Waistcoats are both fashionable and functional.

Ways To Wear A Tweed Waistcoat

Tweed waistcoat cheltenham style

Here are some general guidelines for wearing a tweed waistcoat correctly.

  • Take advantage of an additional layer.

A waistcoat serves as an extra layer to keep you warm in the winter. It’s also a great complement to a shirt on those hot summer days. Layering is an excellent choice if you have a hectic day of business appointments ahead of you. 

  • Combine colours and textures.

Feel free to mix and match your outfit's colours and textures. If you want to blend multiple textures, keep the colours muted. Essentially, all elements of the aesthetic should complement one another.

  • Take care with your accessories.

A tweed waistcoat is also an accessory itself. Typically, a traditional knitted tie should be enough. Also, you can easily add a tweed cap, hat and a pocket watch with a tweed waistcoat.

- Waistcoat As Part Of A Formal Ensemble

A tweed waistcoat plays an essential function in this ensemble since it adds a feeling of formality to it. You can wear formal tweed waistcoats with a tweed suit to achieve a complete lavish look for the wedding or some farewell party. Similarly, wearing tweed waistcoats as a casual office look provides you with that formal elegance. 

You can enjoy a white or black tie event dress code as part of a three-piece suit or at weddings to complete your apparel. Grab some acceptable textured waistcoats for partying with friends and pair them with jeans. Wearing tweed waistcoats at business meetings allows you to have a classy and sensual look together.

- A Two-Piece Tweed Suit With A Vivid Appearance

A tweed waistcoat can go with pants to create an elegant appearance but not overly formal. It's a fantastic suit for warmer weather and hectic workdays, especially when paired with a good shirt. It's both comfortable and stylish.

Wear with a clean white shirt and a pair of men's brogues, and you'll have an ensemble suitable for a business lunch or a less formal occasion such as a Christening.

- A Casual Look With A Tweed Waistcoat

A tweed waistcoat can also be worn alone as the focal point of your ensemble. It makes a relaxed and fashionable ensemble with standard tweed trousers, jeans, or chinos as it is a comfortable option to attend lunch, dates, and out of the office hours.

In the summer, Tweed waistcoat with a light, pastel shirt is appropriate, while in the winter, a tweed waistcoat with a classic, light-grey shirt is appropriate.


Tweed waistcoats are an excellent complement to formal and elegant ensembles - for any occasion. It adds sophistication and chic to any ensemble when worn correctly. It's also quite functional, and if adequately fitting, a waistcoat can flatter any profile, so don't be hesitant to incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe. Add a tweed waistcoat to your collection from Abitto.