Sizing Help

Below is a suggested combination for a 3 piece. Example if you have a chest of 38 you would need a 32 trouser. If you have a chest of 38 but have a slightly bigger waist than average then you would need a 34 Trouser.

Chest:        Trouser:        

38 - 40.       32-34

40 - 42.       34-36

42 - 44.       36-38

44 - 46.       38 -40



You know you jean/chino sizes? Not sure about chest?

You would work back words, for example if my jean size around the waist are labelled as a 34 I would then need a 40 jacket and waist. Above the average chest? Then a 34 jean size would mean you would need a 42 jacket and waistcoat.

Please note: don’t second guess the jean size, it's just a guidance for us. Your 32R jeans will not be the same fit as a 32R suit trouser. Therefore, if your jeans are loose or tight and you don’t want the same fit for your suit DON’T go up or down a size, just select the same size.


Not sure what S R L mean?

This is for the length of each item, go by the following:

Height (Meters).            S/R/L

1.5 - 1.75 meters                S

1.75 - 1.8.                           R

1.8+.                                   L


An average person would need S/R/L for each item, if you know you have a smaller torso than average then you go down for example you are 1.8cm tall you would need R for jacket and waistcoat and L for trousers.


Common question:

Do I select the same Jacket and waistcoat size?

Answer: Yes, they are designed to compliment each other. However if you have a bigger abdomen (stomach) then average, we advice to go up a size. For example you are chest 40R, you would pick 40R for the jacket and then 42R for the waistcoat.

What is the difference between slim fit and regular fit?

The main difference is in the trousers, the calf area is tapered to radius of 7inches with slim fit and 8inch+ for regular.