When to Wear Tweed Suits

When to Wear Tweed Suits


Are you thinking of buying a custom Tweed suit, but worried that it will sleep in your closet even though you have spent a certain amount of money on it?

Synonymous with elegance, Tweed suits are certainly the most sophisticated outfits for men. A 2-piece or 3-piece suit will allow you to highlight its look and silhouette while adapting to the most important events. Wondering when you'll be able to put on this pretty jacket? Whether at work, a personal event or business meeting, the Tweed suit is a suit for all occasions. You will be surprised to realize that the suit is not just for married or big business men.

For a formal look, a grey estate herringbone tweed 3-piece suit is a smart choice for most men outside the professional office, and for a casual look, a brown estate herringbone tweed suit with jeans and boots will make an informal outfit that looks perfect.


A costume for your professional life

The Tweed suit in the workplace is a classic. It allows you to highlight its silhouette while giving a distinguished style to the outfit. Wearing a Tweed suit for business will give you irreparable elegance, provided that your suit is adapted to your body type! A costume too big will tend to shrink you and a suit too small will be uncomfortable. Also, opting for a quality tweed suit is an investment: it may cost you more at the moment, but it will retain its qualities in the long run.

Feel free to accessorize your suit with cufflinks, a scarf, a belt, a waistcoat, pronounced lapels, an original collar or a tie. You can also break the over-classic side of the suit by adding a more casual piece like a t-shirt instead of the shirt, and jeans instead of pants for the simpler business events.

A costume for the most beautiful day of your life

There are events in everyone's life that you'd need to be best dressed but there are also many other events in life that can be an opportunity to release your best outfit: religious festivals, derby, christening, birthday parties and other holidays .







If one had to choose a single day in a man's life to wear a suit, it would most certainly be the day of his wedding. That day, all the eyes of your guests will be focused on you, so you'll need to be elegant. You will also be photographed all day and these pictures will follow you all your life. It is therefore advisable to choose the ideal costume.

First of all, we strongly advise you to choose a bespoke tweed suit for weddings or derby . It is indeed an opportunity to wear a suit to your size, perfect for you and your measurements.

In terms of colors, you have more freedom to wear colors at a wedding or derby than at work. You can opt for the grey estate herringbone or brown estate herringbone.



Blue Tweed suit in front of a castle


Other personal events

If wearing a suit for meetings or for a wedding seems obvious, wearing a Tweed suit every day can be quite feasible. You can opt for this stylish look everyday! They can be worn at any time including formal gatherings, house parties or even at work.

Feeling reluctant to invest in a pretty wedding suit thinking you will never put it on again in the future? Think again! You may receive an invitation for your best friend's birthday party or even an invitation for your niece's christening! We do not think so easily of this type of event and yet they can be numerous, especially if you have a big family and a lot of friends. Feel free to put on a Tweed suit for family events or friends' parties.

Great for winter

Choose a thick fabric like tweed for the winter. Due to their moisture-resisistant texture, they are perfect for cold weather. Tweed is predominantly made up of wool, the percentage may vary but the average percentage of wool in a tweed 3-piece suit is around 60%. This thick wool with small patterns will bring you a little more heat. Therefore, choose a wool or silk suit to be worn in both summer and winter.


Perfect for horse races

We've all heard of Cheltenham, Ascot and other horse races, but each race has its own dressing instructions which may vary due to seasons and the type of enclosure.

For lovers of horse races who want to attend the next Ascot Royal Enclosure but do not know what to wear? Tweed suits are a perfect match. Ascot is a very prestigious event that also has a strict dress code, but a full morning suit like the grey estate herringbone tweed suit with a double-breasted waistcoat will give the perfect royal look.

The Cheltenham festival is a very famous horses racing event in the UK and everyone definitely wants to impress with their dressing. For anyone wondering what to wear to the next Cheltenham festival, the best is Tweed suits. With Tweed, you simply can't go wrong. Its formal and yet, traditional appearance gives the perfect countryman look and, since the Cheltenham is a winter event, you can be sure to count on the thick texture of Tweed to keep you warm and comfortable.


One thing to love about Tweed suits is their versatility. You can pair them differently with other clothing items and nobody would know that it was the same suit. With Tweed suits, you can never look like you forgot to change after work, and this makes it the perfect outfit for all occasions.