Tweed Suits & Covid 19 | Best Time To Buy - Find Out Why

Online Shopping for Tweed During The Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus is here, and it seems that it does not spare any industry. But guess what? It probably the best time to get that tweed suit you always want. How? Online!  With the lockdowns and curfews, you may not be able to visit your favorite tweed shop, but have you thought about Tweed coming to you?

Most big retailers including Abitto are running exclusive sales to win customers like yourself, these sales are making tweed suits more affordable than ever and will never happen again. And the best part of all this is that you just seat back, browse and shop at the comfort of your home. It's not like you have anything else to do, right?

Despite most beauty and clothing shops closing temporally for safety measures, you can still order your Tweed online. People in quarantine or self-isolation are ideally situated to online shopping for Tweed during the Coronavirus crisis. 


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Most popular clothing shops that sell Tweed have online platforms through which they deliver orders in your country and around the world. Online retailers have made it easy for their customers by allowing them to visit their websites and order the Tweed they need available in various, designs, colors, size and price. Some of them offer custom tweed wearables at an extra cost. With free exchanges offered by Abitto you can just pick and send parts of the suit back as many times are you like with no additional cost, the only occasional post office visit is required, which I guess gives you an excuse to leave the house, right?

Furthermore, they have improved their payment and delivery systems to make sure that financial and personal data are safe and secure. You can get your Herringbone, Donegal, Saxony, Barleycorn, Cheviot, Shetland, Overcheck and Harris Tweed right at your door through online shopping as ZERO risk.

Why Do You Need Tweed in This Era of Coronavirus?

From the history of Tweed, we find that the woolen fabric is synonymous with the Scottish and Irish style. Back in the days, coats, jackets and suits made from Tweed had one purpose – to keep the farmers warm in the Scotland and Ireland cold seasons.

How about looking warm and presentable for that all important zoom meeting?

With Zoom becoming the norm, rocking up in your Pj's simply wont cut it. At the same time getting your full suit, shirt and tie on for an 1hr meeting seems so much effort right? Well with tweed it mixes style and business. For example this grey traditional tweed suit, this with a white shirt pulls off a smart cooperate "Zoom Meeting" look at the same time the causal "pop to the shops, open tie waistcoat and trouser" look. To go the extra the mile, a cheeky pocket watch wont hurt anyone, check out our friends at Brelsen for stylish quality pocket watches as great prices. So zoom meeting with the boss and popping to shops has never been easier or as stylish.

There maybe a close connection between the novel corona virus and particular climatic conditions, but what we know is that Tweed keeps you on point.

So who said you need to be a farmer or hunter, or live in an estate in Scotland to wear tweed? As the tradition continues, the fashion and design industry has made it easy for Tweed to thrive as a modern trend.

In its original version, Tweed is thick and stiff; the reason why it is considered for warmth. On the other hand, Technology has made it easy to come up with lightweight Tweed and add more color. You can now get a customer tweed suit, jacket or coat to match your casual or formal style.


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Modern fashion trends suggest that there are enough Tweed ideas for all gender. Ladies tweed is available in a variety of skirt, dress and coat options.  If you love fashion and wish to keep warm during the Coronavirus pandemic, then you need to try online shopping for Tweed. 

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Is It Safe to Handle Packages?

There are four areas in the online shopping chain that can endanger you and your family, and these are the packaging, shipping, distributing and delivering process. In the case of where the item is out of stock, we would add production in the list.

The process of ordering Tweed and accepting your package has fewer dangers when shipping is involved. Tweed orders that require shipment highly include two points of handling, the seller and delivery or distribution person. In terms of online shopping, the safety of shopping for Tweed at home highly depends on the delivery service you choose. We use APC which only does next day deliveries, that means your Tweed suit is not lying around in a warehouse collecting germs and potential viruses like the COVID -19.

Proper handling of surfaces is the first precaution when it comes to preventing the spread of corona. The information about the stability of COVID-19 on various surfaces is not clear. What we know so far is that that Coronavirus is stable for several hours to days on surfaces. In our case, plastic and cardboard are the two most used materials in the packaging of clothes. 

Part of Abitto service to our customer include maintaining the quality of the fabric, each part of the suit is pack individually in 3 separate plastic bags reducing the expose to anything harmful.   



What most people are doing when it comes to handling packages is first to determine all type of material. In the case of Tweed, we have wool, plastic and maybe cardboard. With this information in mind, you can either quarantine the delivery, sanitize it or do both.  We recommend that you do both but first start by quarantine the package. Handle the order with your gas mask and gloves on.

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Bottom line:

Tweed suits are now more affordable than ever, the flash sales running with never happen again and services such as unlimited exchanges offered by retailers like Abitto makes purchasing a Tweed suit a must during this weird and unique time. 

With all said and done, picking a suit from home is secure and safe with online shopping. 


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