What Suit Is Appropriate for A Funeral?

What Suit Is Appropriate for A Funeral

As the day approaches, you need to be ready to pay your last respect to a loved one, relative, friend, or colleague. In a funeral service, you are likely to interact with people from all walks of life. It is considered as a formal occasion, so it would be appropriate to show up in a more respectful attire. Dress code is one way most people use to show their last respect is a funeral.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on funerals in the western region of the world and the ones that have no cultural or traditional attachments. If you’re attending a funeral that is not specific on the dress code, then you are reading the write blogg.

The clothes that you wear in a funeral is a show of the amount of respect you hold for the person that you mourn. Since funeral services are categorized as formal events, then it would be appropriate to put on a suit on this occasion. You may be asking yourself, “what suit is appropriate for a funeral?”

Suit for a Funeral

Buying a suit for a funeral doesn't need to be a one-off thing. If you intend to reuse the suit, then getting the right one should serve the purpose and be an investment for any future events. When choosing the right suit to wear for a funeral, there are a couple of key things you need to consider, and these are:

  • The material
  • The color
  • The style or design

Material Selection

So have decided to wear a suit for an upcoming funeral, you may be asking yourself, which material is ideal for a funeral? When it comes to suits, there are more than ten fabrics to choose from in material selection. Two of the most popular and likely fabrics are wool and cotton.

Most of Abitto tweed suits are made of wool and this is due to its rich benefits. A black wool suit is resistant to water and fire; it breathes easily and resists wrinkling, just to name a few. If you are looking for high durability and warmth in winter, then you are safe with wool, a fabric that yields Tweed, fresco, flannel, and gabardine cloths.

In cold British weather, you would rather stand in the cold wearing a black Tweed suit than a black cotton suit. A good example of a black tweed suit would be this herringbone suit worn by Sean Connery in the James Bond film Gold Finger.


Sean wearing a black herringbone tweed suit (Click to view suit online) 


Color Selection

In the western part of the world, you will find that wearing dark clothes is the norm. In an ideal situation, most people would go for black color, a symbol of death, grief, or mourning. On the other hand, Eastern culture prefers white color, which signifies purity and rebirth.

The best alternative for a black funeral suit is a dark grey, which is popular among people who wish to put their suits for everyday use. A charcoal, Dark navy or grey funeral suit is okay as well.

When making the final choice on which color to wear at the funeral, it would be appropriate that you go with the cultural and traditional expectations. This means you need to do your due diligence and understand the significance of color in a particular community or family. So to all our fellow brits, black herringbone is a safe and respectable choice.






Design Selection

Suits come in different styles depending on the number of buttons, the number of garments, and weave patterns.

If you go for a single-breasted Tweed jacket or coat, you have the option of one to three buttons, on the other hand, the double-breasted style can have up to eight buttons. When it comes to garments you have two options. You have the option between a 2 piece and a 3piece tweed suit.

Since most people prefer a 2-piece suit for funerals, going with a 3-piece tweed suit adds flexibility to your style. After the funeral, you can reuse your suit in its 3-pieces design for other occasions. On the other hand, if the funeral takes place in the winter you can put on your 3-pieces suit and later use it with the vest during summer. You can still use a lightweight tweed suit which is applicable in both weather conditions. Check out our 3 piece or 2 piece tweed suit selection.

When it comes to selecting the pattern of your tweed suit you will find that “twill” is one of the popular weaving techniques used for this type of fabric. The herringbone, a type of twill, is the most ideal weave for tweed suits meant for funerals. It produces V patterns on the surface of the fabric, similar fish bones hence the name.


Suit and Funeral - Conclusion.

A Herringbone style 3-pieces suit is the best suit for funeral because it’s flexible, humble, and non-flamboyant. In the bond series, Spectre, James Bond attends a funeral in a black herringbone three-piece suit, which appears to be bold and flashy since the material reflects light a lot. A black funeral suit with a large herringbone weave improves the texture of the suit making it neither dull nor flat. Now if Tom Ford is out of your price range our black herringbone Tweed suit is priced at only £200. Check it out here -----> Black Herringbone.