How To Get The Perfect Tweed Suit Size

How to get the perfect tweed suit size

 A well-fitting tweed suit always looks good, but measuring can be complicated. When ordering wedding suits or any other suit style, even a race suit, it often means getting out the measuring tape and providing a seemingly endless list of tailor measurements. Where do you start when you need to measure, what if you are rotund, will it make a difference? 

All this can be a hassle when you just want is to find a great-fitting suit, and instead have to figure out how to measure, finding the right length measurement and more for jackets and trousers. Our tweed suits are different though, with a unique design that will look great on you even if you are top heavy, no need to look at a size chart either, just a simple ordering process and a suit that looks great on you.

To get the perfect size, no matter your body shape, all we need is your chest size, your jean size that you can just copy from the label, and your height. That’s it! 

Measuring your height is easy, use cm measurements standing straight against a wall or something similar. Chest measurement should be taken with a measuring tape at the broadest point, with the tape going under the armpits.

With those three simple measurements, we have you covered. Easy, hassle free ordering and a fantastic tweed suit that is the perfect size for you.