A Guide to Styling Your Burgundy Suit or Tuxedo

The world of men's fashion often revolves around classic choices, but venturing into the realm of burgundy or maroon suits opens up a world of sophistication and timeless style. Whether you're attending a formal event or aiming to make a bold statement, styling a burgundy or maroon suit requires finesse and attention to detail. In this guide, we'll explore the nuances of color coordination, accessory selection, and grooming to help you master the art of donning this rich and captivating hue.

  1. Choosing the Right Shade:

Burgundy and maroon encompass a spectrum of rich, red tones with varying undertones. Consider the occasion and your personal style when selecting the shade of your suit. Darker hues exude a classic and formal vibe, while lighter tones can add a touch of modern flair. It's essential to choose a shade that complements your skin tone and aligns with the overall atmosphere of the event.

  1. Shirt and Tie Coordination:

Create a harmonious ensemble by pairing your burgundy or maroon suit with the right shirt and tie. Crisp white or light blue shirts are timeless choices that provide a clean canvas for your suit to shine. For a modern twist, experiment with patterns like gingham or subtle stripes. When selecting a tie, consider classic options like navy or charcoal to maintain a sophisticated look, or introduce a pattern for a touch of personality.

  1. Accessorizing with Finesse:

Accessories play a pivotal role in elevating your burgundy or maroon suit to new heights. Here are some key tips:

a. Pocket Square: A well-chosen pocket square adds a pop of contrast and refinement. Opt for a complementary color or a subtle pattern that enhances the overall aesthetic.

b. Footwear: Classic choices like black or dark brown shoes are safe bets, but don't shy away from experimenting with burgundy or oxblood-colored footwear for a coordinated look.

c. Belt and Watch: Ensure your belt matches your shoe color for a polished appearance. A sophisticated watch in metallic tones complements the richness of the suit.

d. Cufflinks and Tie Clip: Choose metallic accessories in silver or gold tones to add a touch of elegance without overshadowing the suit's allure.

  1. Playing with Patterns and Textures:

Inject visual interest into your ensemble by incorporating patterns or textures. A subtle pinstripe or herringbone pattern can add depth without overwhelming the overall look. Velvet or wool fabrics are excellent choices for formal events, providing a luxurious feel while maintaining a refined aesthetic.

  1. Seasonal Considerations:

Adapt your styling choices to the season. Lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton work well for warmer months, while heavier materials such as wool or velvet are ideal for colder weather. Layering with a well-tailored overcoat can add a touch of sophistication during cooler seasons.

  1. Grooming and Confidence:

Complete your polished look with impeccable grooming. Style your hair thoughtfully, and pay attention to facial hair, ensuring it complements the overall aesthetic. Confidence is the ultimate accessory, so carry yourself with assurance to truly showcase the elegance of your burgundy or maroon suit.


Styling a burgundy or maroon suit is a journey into the realm of timeless sophistication. By carefully selecting the right shade, coordinating shirts and ties, accessorizing with finesse, and paying attention to seasonal considerations, you can confidently embrace the richness of this hue. Let your individual style shine through as you master the art of styling a burgundy or maroon suit or tuxedo, leaving a lasting impression at any event.