5 Occasions to Wear a Tweed Suit- other than a Wedding…

Over on our Instagram you’ll see lots of customers wearing our suits for weddings. But our Tweed Suits can be worn for much more than that.

Here are 5 other occasions you could wear your Tweed Suit for...


1. Graduation 

Suits are usually the chosen outfit for a graduation. When having photographs with your cap and gown, you'll need a timeless suit to go with this proud moment. Therefore a great suit is needed.  

The Blinder Blue Tweed 3 Piece Suit could be the perfect suit for this occasion. 


2. Job interview 

When going to a job interview you want to be confident and look great. Our Tweed Suits are formal and great quality meaning this businesswear would be great to wear to an interview. 

The Peaky Grey 3 Piece Tweed Suit could be your perfect choice for your job interview but take a look at the rest of our collection to see if there’s something you’d love more. 


3. Work 

Maybe the Tweed Suit you wore at your job interview helped you get the job… Anyways, wearing a suit is normal for many jobs, Tweed Suits are great business wear, you can wear them for a normal day or maybe a big meeting that's approaching. 

The Olive Peaky Grey 3 Piece Tweed Suit may be a great addition to your business wear. 


4. Funeral 

Even events such funerals usually require people to wear formal outfits. Therefore, our Tweed Suits can be worn for these sorts of occasions. 

Our Black Herringbone 3 Piece Tweed Suit is our most popular suit for this occasion.


5. Parties

There could be a special birthday party with friends/ family or an office party approaching. A Tweed Suit may be the perfect fit for this occasion. 

Our Brown Herringbone with Orange, Black and Red Windowpane 3 Piece Tweed Suit could be what you're looking for. 


Even though Tweed Suits seem to be a very popular choice for wedding attire, there’s so many other occasions that your suits can be worn for. There’s even more than the 5 we’ve listed! Why not check out our collection of Tweed Suits, from 3 piece to 2 piece suits, along with the accessories you’ll need, to make sure you’re ready for any occasion life has to throw at you.