What Suit To Wear For An Interview In 2020

What Suit To Wear For An Interview In 2020


Getting a job has never been this competitive and stressful, especially in this period when we are facing the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 things are going to be a bit tough for people who are looking for a job if they do not learn how to make a good presentation on an interview.  One of the best ways to stand out in an interview is your dressing.  How about wearing a three-piece tweed suit for an interview in 2020?

The Importance Of Appearance In An Interview

Experienced interviewers can easily measure your level of interest and how much you value the job position through your appearance. Your dressing tells a lot about you and how you handle yourself in a formal setting. The corporate culture should give you a hint of how to fit easily into the workplace dynamic.

Furthermore, you have seven seconds to make a good and solid first impression. This is the point in the interview where your perfect grades and resume cease to matter. Just like any marketing technique, you have to present yourself appropriately to create more attention and interest. Finding that perfect balance on what you should wear helps in ensuring that you do not under or overdress for your interview.

Since it is important to look smart and presentable in an interview and there is no better way to achieve that than with a suit. Rocking a tweed suit can make a great statement and leave a pleasant impression on the interviewer.

Besides making the first impression, wearing like a professional has a positive effect on your performance in an interview . Feeling good about yourself gives you the right confidence and keeps you in the right moods. This is the kind of vibe that you need in the interview room.

But before you decide that you are going to wear a suit, it is important to learn how people outfit themselves in that company. If you wish to work in a corporate office but can’t find the company’s dress code, then you will not go wrong by wearing a suit.

Determining The Right Suit For An Interview

There are three things that you should look for when deciding which suit to wear for an interview, these are:

  • Color
  • Material
  • General design


Suit Color

Experts in grooming will tell you to go for Navy blue, Charcoal, or gray suit when it comes to making a good impression in an interview. Black suits are known for use in professional events because wearing one means serious business.

But black doesn't need to be boring, a patterned material such as the herringbone gives the suit character. Something which will stand out at an interview. A good example is this black herringbone tweed suit by Abitto.


Man wearing a grey herringbone suit

 (For the Suit feature above ☝️)

 Good enough for Sean Connery, good enough for us

Ok so how about wearing a blue suit color? This will brighten your moods, while a grey one is easy on the eyes. Navy blue or charcoal suits make you appear reliable, credible, and trustworthy in the eyes of the interviewer.

Queue in the blue estate herringbone tweed suit by Abitto


Man holding a blue herringbone tweed Jacket and wearing a tweed waistcoat and trouser 

(For the Suit feature above ☝️)



Suit Material

When it comes to material, you should consider the fabric and the pattern. A plain suit allows you to achieve sophistication by keeping your appearance simple. Talking of material, the only pattern that would go well with an interview is the twill or herringbone weave.

General design

A good suit for an interview should have notched lapels and straight flap pockets. If you are not a fan of brands, then you can go with a custom suit which is the best way to achieve a good fitting.  Most experts will recommend a two or three-button and single-breasted suit.

The suit should match well with your shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and accessories. A white or blue shirt will match well with a navy blue and grey suit.  When you think about it, a three-piece 3 piece suit demands a presence. Who would not want to listen to someone wearing a tweed three-piece?

Tweed Three-Piece Suit

In 2020 wearing a three-piece tweed suit is the way to go. Tweed is traditional and usually associated with the elite in society. Wearing one will put you in good terms with an elderly interviewer. Advance technology in the fabric industry has made it easy to make lightweight tweed suits.

The best time to wear a three-piece Tweed suit for an interview is when the weather is cold and when you are interviewing for a  senior or managerial position in a company.  However, if your wish is to stand out in a more authoritative and leadership way, then a 3 pieces tweed suit will do the trick.


The idea of wearing a three-piece tweed suit for an interview is what makes you stand out from the pack. Someone that appears unique leaves the right memorable impression on the interviewer, giving him or her a better chance of being selected. The point of dressing for an interview is not to show the interviewer that you wear best, it works just like a headline- to capture their attention and enthusiasm.