Comic Con & Tweed Suits

A general misconception is that tweed suits are only best suited for business meetings, weddings, or formal events. However, this simply isn't true! Have you ever thought of a tweed suit being worn for comic con? 

Tweed is not only a formal attire but an equally relevant attire to grace casual or semi-casual events and can be great to wear for events like Comic Con! Tweed can be worn for far more than just weddings and business sessions. With endless colour palettes to choose from, you can overshadow others in a comic con with your tweed-style emblem.


What Is Comic Con?

A comic convention is a multi-purpose event that can last for many days. A comic convention's central theme is organising activities and panels regarding comic books. Moreover, the publishers, distributors, and actors participate in the convention to engage with the audience before the release.

It has publishers, comic creators, and actors from the speculative fictional world. Now, MCM comic con is returning from 28 to 30 October 2022. The three-day celebration of this event will see the epitome of pop culture.

With celebrities, influencers, publishers, and other distinguished guests in the event, one must be concerned regarding the choice of dress code. You can choose from a huge range of tweed suits. The tweed attire will instil your style statement when you meet your favourite celebrities at the comic con.


Wearing A Suit to Comic-Con?

Some might wonder how a tweed suit is relevant for the MCM comic convention? There are actually many characters who wear suits! Our top picks for comic con are our grey and brown tweed suits! These suits would be perfect for Peaky Blinders, James Bond, or Doctor Who! Tweed suits are the perfect match for these iconic characters. 

The tweed suits at Abitto have stark relevancy to the costumes of different movies or comic shows. Peaky Blinders and James Bond are some of the top-ranking shows where our tweed suits become a perfect craft to wear.

Apart from top-notch quality and a wide range of colour palettes, you can easily find matching accessories for our tweeds suits, such as caps and shoes. After that, you are ready to have a confident start for the upcoming MCM comic convention.


Why Choose Abitto?

Abitto is the premium supplier of best quality tweed suits in the UK. We use the best fabric to create and design our dynamic 3-piece or 2-piece tweed suits.  Tweed is a great quality fabric, not only will you look amazing at comic con but this suit will be great for events 

Additionally, we provide top-of-the-line speed delivery services. We also have next-day delivery for tightly scheduled events. Our exchange policy is also very straightforward and hassle-free to enhance the customer experience. The availability of payment plans is also a key customer-centric feature of our services.