3 ways to switch suit from work wear to date wear

Valentines day is on a weekday this year but that doesn’t mean your plans have to change.

Going to your date straight after work? 

No time to go home?

Then this is the perfect guide for you. 

Here we have 3 great tips to get your suit from work wear to date night in minutes!

1 - Ditch the tie 

Dates are formal but, ditching your knitted tie can help you to look more relaxed. An easy outfit change, just take your tie off and leave it at work or in your bag. 

2- Open the top buttons of your shirt 

Feeling nervous? Unbutton the top buttons of your shirt, and you’ll feel less anxious, maybe helping you to feel more relaxed. 

3- Take the waistcoat off 

A 2-piece suit is still formal and makes an effort but it's not as formal as your work wear/ 3-piece suit. Giving you a more relaxed and fun look, whilst also looking great on your date. 

We have 3-piece or even just 2-piece suits if you want to go straight for the date night look. 

So many different colours, like blue, brown, and green, great for work and dates, they are a huge hit for weddings too!